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Shane Attwooll (Vocals & Maracas)

Shane Atwoll (Vocals & Maracas)

A former captain of Wales schoolboy football team, Shane has had a varied career on both stage and on screen . A regular in the West End and on TV. Shane splits his performing time between the band and acting. Featuring in movies such as Kingdom of Heaven and Legend. Hails from Wales via London. Often mistakenly referred to by strangers as “Big Orange Head”.


Big Orange Head, Shane Attwooll

Bill Clift (Guitar & Vocals)

Bill Clift (Guitar & Vocals)
Bill has written and performed music for three decades and has enjoyed performing duties with Wang Chung and World Party, singing backing vocals for the likes of Robert Plant as well as briefly selling his soul to the devil by hiring his considerable talents to the pop beast that was Pete Waterman in the 80s. Bill has also released a series of solo albums and enjoys strip Pontoon. Bill is currently performing with Men With Ven,


Dan Lawton (Double Bass & Vocals)

Dan Lawton (Double Bass & Vocals)
Known to some as Dan Swag, previous incarnations include fronting and writing for indie rockers Well Loaded and Swag in the 90s and 0ies as well as drumming for The Unconscious Collective and Adidas Kebabs amongst others , also spent 3 years touring the world as a Minder for a purple dinosaur. Don’t ask.

Dan Lawton

Justin Mitchell (Trumpet, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals & Mayhem)

Justin Mitchell (Trumpet, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals & Mayhem)
Canterbury born Justin is also a well established artist whose work will be familiar to many  and is also the only member of the band to have designed a postage stamp for the Royal Mail. Known within the band as the eccentric one, he lives at the top of the hill with an assortment of animals, both papier mache and live (see

Justin Mitchell

Brian Foley (Saxophone, Percussion & Vocals)

Brian Foley (Saxophone, Percussion & Vocals)
The only proper Geordie in the band…though Shane’s Geordie accent comes close…Brian lived in South East London for over  20 years, touring extensively  with Flaky Jake’s ‘Steaming Locos’, South African dance band ‘Bushmen Don’t Surf’ and more recently Deptford’s finest ‘Shedload of Love’. By day Brian works as a Bikeability Instructor, helping to keep Kent’s kids safe on our busy roads. What a hero!

Brian Foley

Some other idiots who pop up with the Big O's

  • Marcus Tilt/ Accordion
  • Robert Jarvis/ Trombone
  • Steve Sidelnyk/ Congas and Spoons

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